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Editorial Board

Unless otherwise specified, the medical information on this website was written or edited by Meg Mangin, RN. All information is reviewed periodically by Ms. Mangin and updated as needed with the date of editing noted at the bottom of each page. 

Meg Mangin, RN has served on a National Institutes of Health State of the Science panel and an NIH Data, Safety and Monitoring Board. Ms. Mangin has presented at numerous conferences, including Days of Molecular Medicine in Karolinska, Sweden, the International Conference on Autoimmunity in Porto, Portugal, the American Society of Hypertension Annual Meeting, Enabling Future Pharma, Perspective in Rheumatic Diseases and Immunology Summit and the 2015 Vitamin D Workshop in Delft (The Netherlands). She is the co-author of a chapter in the medical textbook Vitamin D: New Research, published by Nova and lead author of a ground-breaking review article published July 22, 2014 in Inflammation Research; Inflammation and Vitamin D: the Infection Connection.

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