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  1. All medical decisions are made by a participant’s physician or medical practitioner. Nurse Counselers serve only in an advisory capacity.
  2. Responsibility for the medical care of each patient rests with their physician or medical practitioner.
  3. All guidance and counseling done by the Chronic Illness Recovery (CIR) Registered Nurses via this website, email or phone is done under the authority of the physician and does not take the place of regularly scheduled clinic visits.
  4. Inflammation therapy (IT) has an excellent safety record and many patients who are very symptomatic or who have been ill for a long time are doing well on IT. But patients should know that if their symptoms are extremely debilitating or vital organs are severely compromised, it may be very difficult or even impossible to tolerate the Herxheimer reactions involved in the healing process. Patients should be aware there is a rare possibility that this immune system response will provoke a serious adverse event, especially if the disease process is well advanced.
  5. Medical practitioners will be contacted immediately if, in the nurse’s judgment, a patient appears to be at risk. Medical practitioners will receive a written report of Registered Nurse online contacts with their patient and all other pertinent information. Patients in an urgent situation are expected to notify their physician or medical practitioner immediately.
  6. This website contains, and individual CIR staff members may make, statements pertaining to the expected results of Inflammation Therapy. These statements are guided by past experience and/or based on pertinent anecdotal evidence. The words or phrases ‘probably’, ‘should’, ‘likely’, ‘may’, ‘expect’, ‘believe’ or similar expressions are intended to identify those statements. Individual patient results may differ from expectations.
  7. This website contains statements based on scientific theories supported by the medical literature and molecular modeling by an independent researcher, which have yet to be widely accepted within the mainstream scientific and medical communities. These theories and research fit the disease medical model on which Inflammation Therapy is based and which has provided considerable supporting anecdotal evidence. CIR makes no claim as to the accuracy of these statements and they will be updated whenever new information becomes available. While CIR attempts to keep the website current, health care information changes rapidly and thus the site should not be relied upon as comprehensive or error-free. CIR reserves the right to change the website disclaimer or other terms and policies, so users should review these periodically.
  8. CIR assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by any person arising from the use or misuse of its services whether that damage or loss arises from negligence or otherwise.