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I first started noticing not feeling good [my getup and go got up and went] in the summer of 2006. In 2008 I started getting mouth sores and blisters on my gums. After a second biopsy I was diagnosed with pemphigoid which is the immune system attacking the connective tissue between the dermis and the epidermis.

A dental pathologist put me on a steroid mouth rinse and in the first 4 months I had 7 cavities. With extreme care I slowed down the cavities but continued to have major dental problems and am still dealing with the damage from the steroid rinse such as decay under caps and they fall off since X-rays do not show thru metal in the caps.

Our son who has many autoimmune problems heard about the MP and I enrolled in the Chronic Illness Recovery counselng program in Nov 2009. I continued the steroid rinse until 6/29/11 with significant herxing and blisters. At that time our son told me about low dose naltrexone [LDN]. LDN is a med to help people get off opium-based drugs. It also modulates the immune system so it does not attack your own tissue.

I started taking 4.5 mg naltrexone on 6/28/2011 and stopped the steroid rinse on 6/29/2011. My gum sores started going away and my blisters started being further and further apart. When I upped my zithromax the blisters were closer together and then became further and further apart. The blisters stopped after one on 4/11/12. I now have no mouth sores or blisters.

With the LDN stopping the mouth problems I will have to stop the LDN at some point to see if Inflammation Therapy [IT] has cured my pemphigoid. I will probably wait until I have worked a 4th ABX into my treatment for a few months. I do not want to stop IT too soon and have the pemphigoid return.

10/20/12 update:

I stopped taking LDN for about 2 weeks. I started getting sores on my gums on lower jaw outside in front. I started LDN again and in a few days the sores went away and have not returned.

This tells me that the pemphigoid is not cured but LDN is modulating my immune system so it is not attacking my gum tissue. I believe the ABX is still killing the L- bacteria because my blisters got much closer together when I increased zith which I think was herxing. It appears I can continue treatment without the side effects of sore gums and blisters.

I still have not had a gum blister since 4/11/12. ~Cal

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