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Financial gifts from people like you support us in fulfilling our mission.

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Your donation of any size will help support these programs:

  • Chronic Illness Recovery works closely with medical practitioners and their patients in our online nurse counseling service. We consider this work invaluable in helping more clinicians learn to manage the recovery process, while at the same time supporting patient recovery on Inflammation Therapy. 

  • Our staff regularly presents and exhibits at medical conferences attended by thousands of medical professionals from around the world. We inform medical professionals about Inflammation Therapy and the vitamin D connection to infection and inflammation.
  • Ours is the only organization working directly with physicians and their patients in an ongoing effort to provide successful outcomes using Inflammation Therapy.

  • Enrolled patients and registered physicians are part of a supportive, friendly community with moderated interactive forums for regular reporting of patient progress as well as general discussion.

  • CIR’s newsletter for medical professionals and our newsletter for patients arrive monthly in hundreds of email inboxes, full of therapy management tips and the latest scientific news. Archived general newsletters are available via a link at the bottom of our home page.

  • The public pages of our website provide information related to chronic illness and Inflammation Therapy which is regularly reviewed and updated. We also have an extended library available upon request.

  • CIR volunteers field hundreds of requests for information from doctors, patients and their concerned family members and friends via email and our toll-free phone number. We also maintain a FaceBook page and Twitter account to educate and answer questions from the public. We provide public speakers for interested patient and community groups in close proximity to our volunteers.

  • Meg Mangin, RN regularly travels to medical conferences to make poster and oral presentations on the science of bacteria-induced immune system dysfunction and Inflammation Therapy. She meets with available patients and physicians when she is in their area.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of financial supporters. We are proud of this website, our counseling service, and the educational resources we offer in our continuing efforts to fulfill our mission of helping clinicians become competent practitioners of Inflammation Therapy. The end result will be more treatment options for patients, and better informed patients making those decisions.

Chronic Illness Recovery (CIR) is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization* under the United States Internal Revenue Service Code. CIR counseling service fees are also a source of funding.

*Our IRS letter of approval is available upon request.

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