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Chronic illness affects children too
Chronic illness affects children too. The decision to treat a chronically ill child with Inflammation Therapy (IT) should take into consideration the severity of the illness, the success of previous standard medical treatment, age of the child, likelihood of disease progression, ability to avoid light exposure, and other factors that may affect compliance.


As with adults, D-metabolites will help confirm Th1/Th17 inflammation in children. The level of 1,25-D may help estimate the bacterial load and, thus, help predict response to treatment. As with adults, Benicar and Minocycline may be used as a therapeutic probe to confirm IT is the right treatment.


When compared to other protocols or medications that sick children have been given for their Th1/Th17 inflammatory diseases, the potential efficacy of IT may outweigh any risks. Detailed information about children on Inflammation Therapy is available in our Library of Information.

Access to our extensive, easy-to-read Library of Information (see this sample page) is available to patients without enrollment in our counseling program. Interested patients should send a request along with their doctor’s name and fax number or email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Interested medical practitioners should contact Chronic Illness Recovery by phone or email.