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What is Inflammation Therapy?
Inflammation Therapy-Simple Explanation

Is Inflammation an applicable treatment for my disease or symptoms?
See Diseases Caused by Th1 Inflammation

What tests do I need to determine if Inflammation Therapy is the right treatment for me?
See D-Metabolites Tests

How can I find a supportive doctor?
See Doctor Search Suggestions

Are Inflammation Therapy medications approved by the FDA?
See FDA Status of Inflammation Therapy Medications

Does Inflammation Therapy work for everyone?
See Efficacy and Expectations of Inflammation Therapy

Why do I feel better in the summer and worse in the winter?
See Light Sensitivity

How will Inflammation Therapy affect my life? Can I continue to work?
See Work and Play on Inflammation Therapy

How much does Inflammation Therapy cost?
See Cost of Inflammation Therapy

How long does Inflammation Therapy take? What degree of healing is possible using IT?
See Efficacy and Expectations of Inflammation Therapy

Why does Inflammation Therapy take so long?
See Recovery and the Healing Process

Why are so many doctors ordering vitamin D supplementation?
See Vitamin D and Vitamin D supplementation articles

How will I know when I've recovered? Can I go out in the sun again after remission?
See Light Sensitivity

What is the basic definition of Th1/Th17 inflammation?
See Immune System

Benicar® is not available in my country / I cannot afford Benicar. Is there an acceptable substitute?
See Benicar®

Should I wear NoIRs, avoid natural light exposure and eliminate vitamin D before starting Benicar?
See Light Sensitivity

Should I stop taking any of my medications?
See Medications