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Below are a few of the comments CIR patients and others have made about our services.

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For testimonials about the efficacy of Inflammation Therapy, see Recovery Stories.

I really feel CIR is the place for physicians searching for help with their patients. I am still marveling at what happened in Dallas last weekend [2011 Physicians' Seminar & Patient Workshop], it was encouraging to me to see the genuine interest among those who attended, patient and doctor alike. Well done. - Barry Rodgers, D.O.

Having the support of medically trained people who have gone before us on this site is to me very comforting. – Bill 'Flyboy'

I am pleased that A------ has also registered to be cared for by you because I do find your advice so extremely helpful, e.g. for C-------, you have taken her through a very difficult period so competently! I shall continue to recommend you!! - Dr Elke Unmuessig

CIR is a great support group. The help from the nurses is priceless. - Cathi

Thank you for answering my post so promptly, your support has been wonderful. – Cindra

I've found this site really helpful indeed. The nurses are great! - Anna

We are all indebted to you for launching this attentive, caring and friendly place where we can receive the best advice possible for these life-altering illnesses. – Jim

One size doesn't fit all. We are so glad that CIR addresses the questions and doubts we had with the MP and that we don't even have to raise them ourselves. Believing in a tailor-made protocol lifts Inflammation Therapy to the next level: making it safer and increasing success rate by making patients more knowledgeable about what is going on during the process. - Marianne

Thank you for the information regarding my questions. It's great to have your advice, direction and assistance. – Deborah

Such nice people here and such wonderful support for our needs. – Kathy

Having the support of this site gives me the sense of security I need. – Flintstone

Thank you so much for your caring and EXCELLENT advice and support. - Debbie

Thank you for the suggestions for making the herxing more tolerable. I think the brain fog makes it too difficult for me to think of the options, so I really appreciate the support from the nurses, and all the CIR volunteers. – Elizabeth H.

You and your organization are absolutely revolutionary and I am so happy to be a part of something that has the potential for helping so many people. – Will Woodward

Read others' stories on this site and it will give you lots of inspiration and hope. – Asif

I am so thankful for the CIR website. I cannot imagine going through this without the guidance of the nurses. – Carol Wood

I'm getting a lot out of this service, as the info y'all provide is helping to clarify quite a few of my uncertainties. – Horse187

I am so grateful to the CIR site for all their support! So professional and heart warming at the same time. – Kathy

I wish more people would visit your site and see what it's about and how there is hope. Until I read about IT I felt hopeless every day. I now feel hope with my wife's FM, CFS, adrenal fatigue, Osteoporosis, and hypothyroidism. Every book I've read about CFS/FM includes these cascading events. Now it all makes sense. Thanks for being there!! - Jim S

I am looking forward to starting the antibiotics and feel fairly confident. Perhaps because I have found an incredible amount of support in the pages of this forum. – Cindra

Very glad to be on this site for the support and help. Glad my doctor recommended it!! – Haeleus

The friends I've made here and the medical advice I've received have helped tremendously. – Dana

If I improve enough to travel or have company, CIR friends are going to be my target. – Deborah

Thank you so much to everyone who makes this site possible. I am back on track with Inflammation Therapy, and your advice and support has been really helpful. I finally feel like I can do this and see it through to better days. - Elizabeth H.

Beyond the benefits of actually getting trained advice on this site, you get the straight goods! – Bill 'Flyboy'

Thank you for this in-depth thoughtful reply. I appreciate deeply being able to question freely. This is most reassuring to be able to express my concerns, especially with my limited knowledge of medicine. I am very grateful for your logical compassionate response. – rfriend

Thank you very much for all your support, I think this is a wonderful group because it helps so much, I don't feel alone like I was before with this protocol. – Carol Houle

Thank you so much for your clear and focused response to my last post. It is such a relief to have the support your site is giving. – Anne

I am Dr -----'s assistant and you are helping two of his patients.  What a great service you provide to them! – Lisa

I am so grateful for this site because I have felt no judgment, just support, and ideas of things I can try to get relief from suffering. Thank you for that. Encouragement to keep going is what I need and what I get here. – Dana

You guys were right - lowering the dose of olmesartan has improved kidney function by far. Potassium is normal and Creatinine has dropped substantially. – Simon Shepherd

It's nice to see all the new members... just think of all the people who will be getting the help they need.  I'm very happy to see CIR grow so quickly. - Jean Koller 

It is so comforting to feel that you have our backs and that you are advocates for us, the people, rather than just being loyal to a particular brand of thinking.  Seems like so many physicians, institutions, branches of medicine, etc. adhere to a particular line of thought, and if you don't fit into it, you're "just out of luck".  Which left so many of us "just out of luck". Thank you for caring. - Lana Oney  

I cannot thank you enough for the help you have been and would recommend this service to others. - Glengeltgal

Your help to me has been extraordinary!  Thank you so much. I asked my doctor if the service CIR was providing was helpful. Her response was an immediate resounding, "Thank you. It's so worthwhile." - Sue from St. Louis

You and your team are God's angels on earth. Thank you. ~ Janice

You have been a great help to me and I appreciate the help. ~ Cal

It is so reassuring to know you are pulling for me.  My husband (Steve) is also more confident knowing that Registered Nurses with personal IT experience are assisting me. I do believe that having the Forum to oversee my progress will help me recruit a new doctor. I can't imagine continuing IT without the assistance of the CIR Forum. The Forum's nurses (and members) have guided me through some challenging times during my first year of IT and I know - without a doubt - that I will continue to value their counseling in the years ahead ~Cindra

On my good days I do feel so much better so I know the plan is working and am very grateful to you all for all you have done. It has been a life saver for me. ~ Emmley

Thank you for all the info in such an easy format. ~ Gayle

I like it that things seem to be pro experimenting here in order to learn about everyone's individual reactions. ~ Hexnut

I am soon to approach the Phase II meds and am apprehensive... but I also know that the nurses are well equipped with advising how to keep the reactions at bay. ~ jkstimo

Thanks very much for your support over the past couple years.  You've played a huge part in the recovery of many people, including myself, and you and the work you are all doing with CIR is very much appreciated.  ~jlaud

What a very real difference you are making in people's lives---Words seem so inadequate!  I am grateful every single day for the work you are doing and the help and (hope!) that you are giving all of us!  Thank you Thank you Thank you! ~ Katherine

Thank you... that is the most thorough/ precise explanation I have ever gotten or understood on this complex issue. ~ LAcitygirl

Thank you for providing this support line for the patients, I have found it extremely necessary. ~ Mandarin

We are especially excited about CIR and the amazing information, medical support, and knowledgeable encouragement we can receive here! Thank you SO much!! I take so much comfort in your direction and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for holding my hand through this journey! I appreciate the wisdom and experience you bring to me as we navigate IT together!!  Jeannie Bouck

Thank you for explaining the process and for directly addressing my concern about anti-biotics. Now I know why everyone is raving about the care you take in addressing this issue.~ S. Resto

Thanks, Meg, for all you've done for me this year. I haven't said it to you yet, but I am so thankful for your services not just for me but for my doctor. CIR is very different from The MP stuff I a good way. I anticipated being in so much pain that I put off starting the program many precious months. In hindsight.... I have made progress without much discomfort, and I wonder if my rheumatologist feels like I do -- that it's like a miracle. Have a great New Year!! ~ Sue

Thank you for all you do! ~ Valerie

I have been doing more and been feeling more like my old self and am enjoying life so much more and don't feel as disabled by the disease. ~Emmley IT doctor is most enthusiastic than ever about this IT protocol and the possibility for my recovery. With their support, your encouragement and the recovery stories I read, I am getting through the most difficult days. ~Cindra

Thanks so much for your steady guidance...I would really be lost without your insights into the program. ~Pat

Interesting that each time I have had a bone density test done since starting on this treatment, my bone density has slightly improved yet vitamin D concentrations in my body remain low. I've had 5 tests since the start 5.5 years ago. It was the thing that worried me the most when I started - that my bone density might decrease at a greater rate than what is normal for my age. ~Pundun

You have been great to work with. 1 1/2 years ago, I had almost resolved myself to the fact that I would at the age of 50 be in a wheelchair and have to live in assisted living for the rest of my life, and now, I work out 6 days a week in a very strenuous Aqua Fit class at LA Fitness and am getting ready to go on a cruise to Alaska where I will go dog sledding near a glacier, sea kayaking and bear and whale watching. Amazing! ~Sue

A really encouraging note---My brain really IS working better. I am having little, if any, trouble concentrating these days and am actually getting things done that have been more than I could even begin to tackle for a very long time. I am very, very happy about this! ~Katherine

I like it that things seem to be pro experimenting here in order to learn about everyone's individual reactions. ~Hexnut

I like your website because you are open about where IT sits in mainstream medical thinking, and about not hesitating to go for other help if serious reaction etc. You are clear about risks and other things on your disclaimer page. You try to educate people and provide links to reputable papers, and encourage open discussion. Congratulations on an awesome website. ~library user

Thank you so much for your continued help and support, I would be lost without you. ~Emmley

I want to thank you for all your help this past year. I really do feel a lot better and I know my breathing has improved. ~Deesson

I'm coping well as I slowly progress increasing the abxs, I can hardly believe I am the same person who was bed ridden for so long. Oh I still have the symptoms but I manage them much better. A milestone indeed, I never thought I would get here and it is thanks to you all. ~Safeharbour

The same story persists....if I am being objective about it (and I think I am) this treatment just seems to be slowly getting to all my affected joints in a really slow (but improving) way. Some are taking longer than others that is most assuredly the case. For example, at my worst with my hands I could not bend my fingers (for example to make a closed fist) without grimacing pain. Same thing with "snapping my fingers" which was previously a not possible event. Now it is almost no issue to do both (fist or finger snapping)...but you sort of forget how where you have come from as you improve so slowly...maybe just like when you got sick so slowly...but now in the right direction! ~Flyboy

I probably would be in crisis mode if it weren't for your support here. ~Kathy

I am so grateful for your help and this counseling site. ~Anne Worth Shaffer

CIR has been helpful and positive in providing information and assisting in the treatment of my inflammatory condition - Sarcoidosis.  ~P. Simmons

I am amazed at how far I've come with your help. I get caught up in the details, and day to day little problems that need adjusting in the therapy. I don't often step back and look at my overall progress. I am so grateful to all of you for getting me this far. Your help has been invaluable. ~GreenMtGirl

You all are doing a great job and making available a wellspring of help and hope for a future with this counseling site. I especially love how individually tailored the program is, both in meds and time and tolerance levels. ~Gracie

Thanks for all of your help. You have no idea how much of a help you (and your service) are to me...just to be able to 'speak the language' of chronic inflammation and to be giving merit to the terrible time I am having with my health (instead of dismissing my confusing symptoms or otherwise normal looking labs) is of great comfort. ~R.D.

As always I found the site and you all very helpful, kind, etc. ~RJM

Thanks to all for your help in understanding my symptoms and my IT dosage! ~Kathy H.

Thanks for the personalized service. I'm impressed always on the thoroughness, knowledgeable, and quickness of your responses to my and other patients concerns and need for information. ~Jean

Thanks for your great work and support. ~John

Thanks so much for a healing year! ~Gracie

Thanks to all for your help in understanding my symptoms and my IT dosage! ~Kat

When I started treatment there was a lot happening and quickly. Some of it is scary and that is precisely why this counseling service is so vital. ~Bill

Thanks for the personalized service. I'm impressed always on the thoroughness, knowledgeable, and quickness of your responses to my and other patients concerns and need for information. ~Jean Koller

I am so grateful for all the help and support you have given me and I feel so much improved from when I started. ~Emmley

I am so pleased to learn about stories of people learning about this treatment and getting on a path to I have. ~Flyboy

I appreciate so much the time and consideration you've given to my situation. The advice and support I've receive so far has been such a boon, and I know that I could not be following this path without your help. ~Sunny

I had the most wonderful day at my daughters wedding. Thank you for helping me be there. Can't thank Meg and the team enough, this treatment has helped me so much. ~Emmley

My exuberant Doctor truly believes in IT and when I signed up he said it was the most exciting day of my life! ~Sandpiper
I continue to be SO thankful for this therapy and the doctors, nurses, and family of CIR patients who are brave, smart, and strong. ~LeAnne

I got sick 20 years ago on Thanksgiving and was finally diagnosed 3 months later (February 1995) with CNS sarc. I'm still alive and living a normal life for a 72 year old. I'm doing a lot of things I love to do, such as, volunteering in my grandson's classroom 2 full days a week and walking about 2 miles 3 days a week. Thanks to you all! ~Sue

My improvement is continued and I'm looking fiorward to a much merrier Christmas!! ~Emmley

Doctor B. was pleased with my state of health. I'm maintaining my size 14 skinnier self since more than a year ago. Blood pressure and pulse are excellent. Had a very mild crackle in lungs, but I hadn't noticed it. I usually notice it. ~Sue

I seem to be doing well [on Inflammation Therapy] and can do as much as I could when I was healthy so that is a good sign. My heartfelt thanks to you all for the care and guidance you give. ~Safeharbour

I look forward to getting well and thank you for offering this service, I see a light of hope, which is a wonderful feeling. Many thanks. ~Ellen

The CIR team should be cherished for all your hard work at helping people improve their health. ~Flyboy

I've started to test both metabolites and find what you say true: low D but very elevated calcitriol and no hypercalcemia. ~MD in Texas

I am absolutely thrilled to see the work you and your group is doing. How invaluable and cutting edge. You will indeed change the world. ~C. Crosson

Meanwhile life is busy and wonderful because I can live it. So bless you all, thanks. ~Lynn

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. So glad I have found you guys, there is much hope for my future. Thank you. ~Jessie

Thank you for getting my life back. ~Mary

Thank God I have found this service. There is no way I could have done this alone. You guys ROCK!  ~Jessie

I'm healthier and still alive because you told me about Inflammation Therapy in 2002. Thanks so very much for being one of my guardian angels. ~Sue

Dr. T did my CD57 test, at my insistence, and the good news is that it has gone up from 17 to 89. ~Ellen

I feel like I am doing better with good improvements. ~Hope

I'm thrilled that my mind is clearing up. Now if the pain goes away, I'll be in seventh heaven! ~Ellen

Thank you for helping me recover. I'm so glad I found you, CIR! ~Dorrie

Thanks to all the CIR staff for keeping me alive and functioning rather well considering where I was in 1966. ~Sue

The help and advice of CIR advisors have guided me through some very tough times and dreadful health issues in my life and I will be forever grateful. ~Safeharbour

I am grateful to CIR and its family of volunteers and for the improvement I have gained. ~Norskie

I am so, so grateful to have my life back! What a blessing to be able to keep up with my children and grandchildren! THANKS SO MUCH for making it possible! ~Suzanne

This treatment saved my life! Appreciate all your info! Please keep up your good work! ~ LPY

Best wishes and endless gratitude for all the help you gave me and for the wonderful work you are doing every day. ~Katherine

I am very appreciative and thankful to all the the staff at CIR over the years; prior to CIR was torture; I now have a life worth living and feel very lucky to have found CIR. God bless CIR staff!!! ~Norski